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PRIVATE sessions


I’m thrilled to be offering in-person sessions out of the famed Chi Temple in Downtown Los Angeles. 



My biggest kink is being the architect of fantasies.  Figuring out the exact right level and way to do an activity with a specific partner is what does it for me. This list is some of what I’m into.  If you don’t know what something means, it’s probably because I made it up and you can read more below.  If your kink isn't listed, come talk to me about it. There's lots I love that isn't noted here and if it's something that really excites you, that will pique my interest!


Imagine each item below tailored to fit us like a glove.  


• life work 

• hypnodomination 

• bondage and rope play 

• sensory play

• nipple torture 

• cbt: light- heavy, but not extreme 

• corporal punishment and discipline 
• impact play 
• electro-play - violet wand

• Top/bottom play

• newbie exploration 

• foot, stocking, high heel, shoe, sock, and boot worship

• smothering - over clothing, not lingerie

• chastity, key holding, tease, denial, instructed edging 

• feminization, cross dressing, slut training, sissy  and  maid training

• imaginative psychodrama / role play

• sensation play 

• pet play 

• tickle torture 
• humiliation & degradation


• aftercare


• acts that end in the word "job"

• anything unsafe, unethical, illegal

• brown showers 

• house calls or hotel calls

• contact with my bare breast or genitals 

• escort services 


I am very experienced and could absolutely charge top dollar for my sessions.  However, I place a higher value on the accessibility of quality play. I have a deep love for what I do, the BDSM community, and supporting the growth of healthy happy kinksters.  I think a quality Domme should be within your reach and something you can have as a consistent part of your life.  For these reasons, I keep my rates competitive.  


There are three forms of tribute, beyond my rate, that mean something to me:


1) Doing good deeds in my name.  read more here 🖤

2) Thoughtful tokens and acts once you've gotten to know me and are  able to gauge what I will find touching. 

3) you should never come to see me empty handed.  I enjoy anything that takes thought and/or effort - a kind note, a hand-picked flower, a song you want to share, a toy for us to use, a tasty treat, a photo you think I would appreciate, etc.  

To book, you will need to go through my application and vetting  process. 

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