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ABOUT Miss Butter

Vision & Mission

It's My dream to bring healthy BDSM into the lives of those who need it.  I want to introduce people to the deep psychological benefits of feeding this part of themselves. I aim to teach submissive humans how to explore in safe, informed, and empowered ways. I am also dedicated to supporting Dommes in becoming safe, ethical, responsible, skilled practitioners who are thoughtful and caring in what they do. 

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I'm   Miss Butter, Mistress of men, Queen of typos. Pleased to meet you.


If you think the best wolves look like sheep, I'm the 5 ft tall Miss you’ve been dreaming of.  I’m curvy, soft, sweet, and wickedly creative. I am a certified life coach, designer of unique kink products, classically trained graduate and staff member, at the Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy, and founder of SUB SPACE. 


I have a deep love of submissives and have created thoughtful play with them for over 20 years.  When I pick one, I connect with them like they are the only sub in the world.  If you’re lucky enough to be selected, you will lose yourself in our scenes. I play from the heart and do what feels real and authentic. I will take my time learning what makes you tick and how to push your buttons.  I have the intelligence to uncover your desires, even the hidden ones, and I know exactly what to do with that precious information.  I use my power to make your dreams come to life, to help you grow, to train you to thrive, and become the best version of yourself, both in play and, should you choose, in your daily life as well. Creating experiences unlike you have had before, making you feel secure enough to try things you’ve only imagined, and crafting time together that scratches all your itches, is what I hunger for. I take the responsibility of your trust very seriously. Always know that you are safe with me, no matter the type of play.  


My style of domination is unique.  I will wrap you in my words, my breath, my touch, and my hypnotic voice.  I will engage your senses so that you are consumed by me.  My play is intimate, and I will make you feel vulnerable, cared for, and seen.  Though I’m good natured, even silly and giggly at times, I’m also an expert in hurting, tormenting, teasing, denying, restraining, and toying with your emotions in all the right and very calculated ways. I’m diligent when it comes to learning your mind and body so that our play can evolve beyond perfection over time. Once you experience the combination of all that I am, you won’t even realize how thoroughly I’ve taken you under my control.  It’s a helpless fall into subspace.  

Welcome to My world.  I'm very excited to have you here. 

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The Workshop

We call Our play space The Workshop because it is 

where We practice and hone Our craft.

For those of you who view BDSM as an art, 

please feel free to wear Our logo as a symbol that your play includes as much skill, ethics, creativity, and heart as it does fun! 

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