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ABOUT Miss Butter

Vision & Mission

It's My dream that submissive men of the world, who have struggled to find a Domme and who have all those itches that are going unscratched, will find some satisfaction in what I create.  

It fuels, inspires, and turns Me on be the one leading masses of men into a safe and rewarding submissive life style. 

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I'm Miss Butter, Mistress of men, Queen of typos. Pleased to meet you.


If you think the best wolves look like sheep, I might be the 5 ft tall Miss you’ve been dreaming of. I have a long history of Topping/Domming women, but in recent years, I’ve been developing a deep understanding and love of D/s dynamics with submissive men. I truly treasure male submissives and believe that I hold the key, often literally, to what they hunger. Having the clarity to uncover inner desires, and knowing what to do with those desires, is what satisfies Me.

I‘m genuine, kind, and huge on BDSM ethics and safety. The Mommy Domme in Me will be teaching methods to nurture personal growth through safe play.  I will also continue to post trusted resources, ideas, and tips for proper BDSM practices, as well and sharing a wealth of knowledge imparted to Me from my mentor, the incredible and world famous Mistress Damiana Chi.  

For all you lovely sissies, cucks, slaves, newbies, baby boys, pets, and impact enthusiasts, I wish I could find you, and Domme you personally. To compensate for the distance between us, I have created this site and my accompanying Onlyfans.  

My intention is to grow these virtual spaces into something that feels more connected than what is usually available online.   This is just the beginning;  Please watch these sites as they take shape.  I will be adding games, activities, photos, videos, auctions, virtual rituals, and more!

Welcome to My world.  I'm very excited to have you here. 

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The Workshop

We call Our play space The Workshop because it is 

where We practice and hone Our craft.

For those of you who view BDSM as an art, 

please feel free to wear Our logo as a symbol that your play includes as much skill, ethics, creativity, and heart as it does fun!